He was born in Shiraz and after graduating from school, he moved to Tehran to study Architecture.

His passion for photography began at teenager ages with a film camera. But, his serious photography career started at his eightieth birthday when his brother gave him his first digital camera. After studying Architecture, Jeddi followed his passion for documentary photography and understanding the society. After a while, he found interest in the interaction of people and architecture. Architectural education and his passion and knowledge in photography, led him toward architectural photography.

Representation of story, sense and energy of space and dynamism of stationary yet moving architectural works by photography, is one of the most exciting reasons for him to do architectural photography.

The most important purpose of architectural photography is to help architects to better express their projects and their true values. Before starting the photography, detailed understanding of project and talking about architect’s ideas, plays a very important role.

I hope you love the works as much as I do. Please enjoy your stay.